Soul Survivor 2012

This past August we took a group to England for Soul Survivor. Over a 3 week period over 1700 young people gave their hearts to God. God is raising an army of young people today…

Over 5 days there was camping in tents, spiders, bugs, running from the rain, no electricity, wearing damp clothes, dirty showers, early mornings, and late nights the question I ask myself is why do we put ourselves through this each year time and time again. hehe The truth is, I personally hate to camp, however, I do it time and time again because each year I am amazed at what God does in each of these young peoples lives. The friendships developed, the seeds that are sown, the hurts that are mended and the lives that are changed is well worth every minute. Seeing the freedom that each young person feels as they worship, or cry out. The freedom they feel to dance, scream, sing, raise their hands, ask questions, etc

Soul Survivor, like a lot of different youth events out there, is very exciting, up beat, loud, energetic, and the list goes on…that’s how it is when you are with a bunch of teens that have high energy. Over the years Ive been to many different events such as Winterfest, Summer madness, soul survivor they are all the same in the fact that you have hundreds or thousands of young people gathered together all to have a good time, meet people and the ultimate reason we take them is to see them gain a closer relationship with God. So many times, and Ive seen it happen every year where several young people get blessed by God in such a powerful way. Tears flow, praying, worshiping then they get home and a few weeks later we stop seeing them in church on Sunday morning. I ask myself every year…why? and how can we make it different this year?

In my next blog Im going to attempt to give my thoughts on why I think it happens and maybe some ideas of how we can make it different.